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二人の男の子(S: 6歳、R: 1歳)の母として奔走する毎日。週に2日、高校の非常勤講師をしながら、仕事と育児家事との両立に努めています。















I have been teaching about Okinawa in my English class.  Okinawa, Japan’s southern entrance, has abundant nature.  In addition, because of its geographical conditions, Okinawa has taken in elements of various Asian cultures.  I have been to Okinawa once. While teaching about Okinawa, I got to feel like going there again

Released several medaka

We had lots of sunshine today.  My family went out to have our sons swim in the nearby river.  I have another purpose to go the river. I released several medaka which had been in a water tank in my house. There had been so many medaka in the tank that some of them could not live. Sadly some of them died. Now there are 6 in the tank. I hope they live and swim in it comfort. (^^)

I hope he will not run a fever tonight….

I took my older son to his regular’s children hospital this morning to make him have the second measles and rubella vaccination that is needed to have for children who are before entering school.  The doctor told me not to allow him to do heavy exercise.  I thought I made a mistake, because it was a summer festival in his nursery school this evening.  As my expected, he got very excited with his friends at the festival.  I hope he will not run a fever tonight….

Exchanged greeting with a Russian mother

I met the Russian mother, who mailed me the other day, at my son’s nursery school this morning.  She had wrote in her mail that her daughter got ill frequently so she had troubles about her work because of her absence from work.  When I met her, I said to her, “How has your daughter been? Has your daughter gotten ill recently?"  She answered gladly, “She hasn’t got ill recently, so I am all right at my work, thank you". She seemed to be happy with our conversations.

Habit is important

 I think habit is important.  In a book I read about half years ago, there was following one phrase; “the humans' most advantageous weapons are trust and habit. “. I have grappled with making my older son, who has a pervasive developmental disorder, form a habit of studying every day. There may be many difficulties ahead of me, but I will do my best to make him get into a habit of study. I hope he will become independent in the future in his adult life.

A watermelon

As I wrote about it before, I am enjoying a private vegetable garden.  I have cultivated watermelons in my garden as well, and one of watermelons has ripened big. I harvested it and ate with my sons.  They really like watermelons, so they were two very rejoiced to eat.  The size is like a volleyball and the taste is sweet and fresh. We ate it up all only one day(^^;)

An opening day for the swimming pool

I visited a swimming pool to see my son swim this morning. My son’s nursery school has swimming days every Tuesday, and today was annual opening day for the swimming pool. Many parents came there to see the way their kids swim.

My son couldn’t soak even his face into water last year, bur today, I watched him put his all head into the water.  He seemed to put his head in the water as hard as he could.  Every time he put his head in water and put it out of water, he turned toward me.  I felt that his behavior was very lovable. I took lots of pictures and recorded him on video.


My older son has attended a clam school “KUMON” since the beginning of this month. I don’t intend to give him special abilities.  I want to prepare him to enter school in next April, and I want to make him form a habit of studying every day.  He enjoys the KUMON method, pattern practice, for now.  He never refuses his homework for now.   I hope he will get into a habit of study.

My private vegetable garden


I am enjoying a private vegetable garden.  I have cultivated lots of vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, green peppers, balsam pears (goya), parsleys, broccolis, perilla leaves, scallions, Chinese chives etc.  The tomatoes have ripened red, so I harvested some of them with my older son today.  They tested a bit sour, but nice.  My son was looking forward to observing their growth and eating them. Actually tomatoes are things that he doesn’t like, but he ate lots of tomatoes he harvested. (^^)


We have already harvested and eaten some of cucumbers, parsley, broccolis, perilla leaves and so on. I am now looking forward to harvesting goya.



About tea

What kind of tea do you like?  I like many kinds of tea, such as Japanese green tea, English black tea, Chinese oolong tea and so on. I prefer to drink barley tea especially in this season. The reason I took up about tea was that I happened to know how to make tea. The topic that I am teaching now in my English class is about tea. I was surprised to know that all kinds of tea come from the same tea tree. They are just made in different ways.  Do you know that?  It is interesting to learn what I haven’t known in English.